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NordicWay Verantwortlichkeitsuhr. 100 % wasserdicht und vollständig schwimmfähig. x2 Batterien im Lieferumfang enthalten.

Lebenslange Garantie.

Perfekt als Outdoor-Uhr und Langzeitgarantie-Uhr

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(+/-) 0% Temperature Accuracy Reading. Make sure you're getting the most out of your cold plunges.

Dip your thermometer deep into your ice tub to get the full recovery benefits.

cold water temperature thermometer for cold plunges
floating and waterproof ice tub thermometer and timer

Leave your tub thermometer floating on the surface, set your alarm and focus your mind.

Fully buoyant and water-tight shell. Lifetime guarantee.

Timerauto-freezeswhen removed from water for accurate results.


Why do I need an Accountability Clock?

TheNordicWay™accountability clock is an essential tool to ensure safety, effectiveness and consistency during cold exposure therapy. The timer helps you control the duration of your ice bath, preventing you from staying too long, which could be harmful.

The thermometer allows you to monitor the water temperature, so you can ensure it stays within the safe range to avoid over-chilling or discomfort. Together, these tools help you create a disciplined routine, maximize benefits and reduce the risk of potential adverse effects during your ice bath sessions.

What batteries does the Accountability Clock use?

The Accountability Clock simply requires two LR44 batteries. One set should last for several months of consistent use.

nordic promise
full protection warranty

Moneyback guarantee on all orders within 90-days of purchase.

We Promise: 100% Leak-proofing, Easy Assembly, Prolonged Cold Temperatures and All-Weather Resistance.